What to do with Old Christmas Cards….

4 Jan

It can be so hard to figure out what to do with all of those beautiful and thoughtful cards you receive… Every year I struggle with it.  Any photo cards I always save.  I used to be really good about putting them into an album and I would group it by families… but then you know how that goes.  You miss a year and then it turns into 2 years and then before you know it you stopped doing it.  I still save the cards but they are often just thrown into a ziplock bag for me to deal with some year I feel motivated to do something with them.

But then I stumbled on a friend’s Facebook post about how she saves some of her cards but uses some of them for gift tags for next year! I thought this was pretty genius!

So any of the non-photo cards are perfect!  Thank you Eileen Zacco for the cool idea!!


So, I started to look into how one would turn these into tags….  You simply cut them into a square or rectangle, then punch a hole in them and add a string/ribbon.  I made one really quickly here:


Want to know something funny? The ribbon was from the inside of one of my shirts! You know those strings they add so that the shirt won’t fall off of the hanger but then it hangs out of your shirt while you are wearing it and one of your friends tells you that you are supposed to cut those out??  Yes, those strings.  I also couldn’t find the hole punch, so I just pushed a hole through with a pencil.  Of course you can get very into this and it would be a great craft to do with your kids or on your own.  You could even buy those fancy scissors that can add a scalloped edging to it.

You could also use white card stock and cut out cute words from cards like “Merry” and then glue that onto the tag and use cool twine or ribbon to complete the gift tag.    A gift with a homemade tag is definitely more thoughtful and much cuter than just a sticker label, right?

The other idea I stumbled on that I really like is putting all the cards together into a book.  Just punch holes in the side of the cards or photos, and clip them together with a simple metal ring or two.  I really love this idea and could see enjoying flipping through the books each year.

I saw ornaments, garland and wreaths as well!  Who knew there were so many great ideas out there?!

Do you do anything cool with your cards??

Let me know if you try this!! Remember you don’t have to do this now, put the cards away and remember to do the tags next year!


One Response to “What to do with Old Christmas Cards….”

  1. SnowFlake January 4, 2014 at 3:11 pm #

    It is indeed a lovely idea! Thanks for the share!🙂

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