As seen on Kate Middleton…

11 May

Are you looking for a pair of gorgeous, timeless and classic pair of earrings?  I may just have the answer!

The Duchess of Cambridge is acclaimed the world over for her elegant style, landing atop a host of ‘best dressed lists’ after only a short time as a member of the Royal Family.

Nowhere is her understated elegance more evident than with her choice of the Hope Egg earrings for her official engagement photo. A longtime Links of London fan, the Duchess selected earrings that are symbols of hope and new life.

Here is a closer look at her earrings!

Hope Egg earrings white topaz

The hope egg earrings- a very attractive and important symbol in Russian culture, traditionally given for birthdays, festivals, etc. This egg represents hope and new life and is decorated with white topaz and with white rhodolite. $460

These earrings are timeless, but contemporary. Curvaceous and tactile, these solid jewelry pieces weigh heavy in the hand; proof that they’re much more than fashion must-haves.

Inspiring optimism, faith and fortune, Hope jewelry pieces have been created to be cherished forever.

These earrings are a testament to the Links of London commitment to create classic pieces that are always in style.

I love them!  With Mother’s Day right around the corner and wedding season quickly approaching, these earring would make the perfect gift for the special women in your life! 

Bottom line: they would be perfect for ANY event you may have!!

One last thing…. I have written about their awesome friendship bracelets before, so I was excited to see an article about them in the Times and wanted to share!

Here is the blog on Link of London’s Friendship bracelets! Links of London Friendship bracelet blog

One thing I have learned? More is MORE!! So stack on those bracelets and have FUN with it!!

Do you own any pieces from Links of London? 

I would love to know what you think, so leave a comment!

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