Fashion Star ~ What’s Your Campaign?

2 May

Here is your weekly dose from the Fashion Star reality competition series!

 The competition is tighter than ever! The remaining designers will have to use every last opportunity to prove why they deserve to be crowned the next fashion icon.

The remaining designers were put to the test when they were asked to create their own campaign. The designers focused on their personal brands and creating campaigns for their collections.

As Nicole said, it was the designers opportunity to tell a story.

Here is the low down on last night’s show! Kara did a tuxedo shirt. John loved her design and thought it was really amazing. Both H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue wanted her look and got into a bidding war. H&M ended up passing but said that they were saving up money for a future purchase. This was a fantastic new white shirt that was very sophisticated!

Nzimiro Oputa did a cardigan sweater. He really captured his brand and it was a great representation of him. Macy’s offered $100,000.

It was referred to as a perfect go to item for any guy.

What is really great is that it is so versatile. Great year round!

Elbow Patch Cardigan Sweater by Nzimiro Oputa
Streamlined and modernized, Nzimiro Oputa gives the cardigan a reinvented look.
A perfect option for casual days, pair with jeans for the ultimate in low-key cool.
$119 offered in 2 colors: oatmeal or heather gray

Luciana did a cut out dress. This was quite indicative of her brand. She received a $50,000 offer from Saks. They loved her advertising campaign and thought her dress was very special.

Nikki Poulos did a disco dress. Unfortunately, none of the buyers or mentors thought the photos she did for her advertising would sell her campaign. Therefore, she did not receive any offers.

Orly Shani did the motorcycle dress/vest. She wanted to capture an “It” girl in an unexpected moment for her photos. They thought her ad campaign was very cute but she did not get any offers from the buyers. They felt like they had seen both looks and it didn’t translate to them.  They worry if  her “potential” is enough to make it to the end…

Ronnie Escalante did an open back dress. The mentors thought that the red balloons with his blue dress was an interesting way of color blocking in his photos. The mentors enjoyed his advertising campaign. H&M offered $50,000 and was his first time selling to H&M. They loved the exaggerated detail on the back of the dress.

Ross Bennett did a hunting jacket. His vintage inspired hunting jacket was inspired by Jessica Simpson and Texas. Ross did not get any offers on his jacket. They thought that the jackets felt dated and also didn’t like his ad. They really wanted classic with a modern twist and felt he lost his momentum.

The mentors were in a stalemate and it came down to the buyers decision as far as who would be sent home.

Ross was ultimately let go.

But he had $220,000 of sales at Macys and H&M.

You could tell it broke Jessica Simpson’s heart to see him go.

3 designers will be let go next week!

Watch Tuesday Nights On NBC & Shop Macy’s Hot Picks After The Show!

Are you looking to purchase any of the winning looks this week?


Big News: Jessica Simpson gave birth Tuesday morning to a baby girl, Maxwell Drew!

The singer and designer wrote on her website, “Eric and I are elated to announce the birth of our baby Maxwell Drew Johnson 9 lbs. 13 oz. 21 3/4.”

 The meaning behind the name? Maxwell is Eric’s middle name and his grandmother’s surname.

Her middle name stems from Maxwell’s maternal grandmother Tina Simpson, whose maiden name is Drew.

What do you think of Jessica’s baby name? It is getting a lot of attention on twitter!

I would love to know what you think, so leave a comment!

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