Style Star ~ Melissa!

15 Apr

Hey Everyone!

Meet this week’s Style Star: MELISSA
Melissa Arnone from Boston Massachusetts…

I just loved Melissa’s multiple layers!!  I especially loved her super cool vest!!  I thought the timing was great on this after Macy’s just picked up Ross’s vest from Fashion Star Tuesday night!  See that post here: Macy’s picks from Fashion Star
Melissa is wearing a long razor-back tank dress over a black bandage skirt while layering a neutral color vest.  I also really liked all of her accessories!  Her awesome bag and her multiple stacked bangles and bracelets really completed her look!
The bandage skirt seems to be a great buy since it is so very versatile and is perfect for color blocking or layering!!  I also love how everything she is wearing could be used year round!  It is all seasonless!  That stylish and modern vest could take on an entirely different look by just pairing it with jeans! 
Think you should be my next Style Star?
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Or maybe I’ll see you at the Mall!!

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