Saturday, April 14 – VINCI Kid’s Day!

10 Apr

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Come to Natick Mall for VINCI Kid’s Day!

If you have little ones, you are bound to know the characters that will be visiting the mall Saturday!  Join us and meet Sid the Science Kid, Billy Ant and Hohoha Monkey!  There will be fun activities all day including two sing-alongs to “Science is Everywhere”.

Parents, while you’re there make sure to demo the VINCI tablet and talk to education experts about their innovative learning system!

Fun for the whole family!  Make sure to stop by on Saturday, April 14th (10am – 5pm) in the center court outside of Lord & Taylor!

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 Meet Sid, Billy Ant and Hohoha Monkey on VINCI Kids Day. Sid will perform at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Plus: Enter to win a FREE VINCI.

What Is VINCI?

VINCI was created as a new category of learning tools for a collaborative and fun learning experience with the goal to engage, empower and educate young children to achieve early learning objectives. VINCI Early Learning Systems work in conjunction with VINCI Curriculum, comprised of a series of age specific learning apps and assessment tools. VINCI is the technology platform that is specifically designed to help children prepare for future success.

Developmental Science

VINCI Curriculum adopts scientific research to provide engaging and educational digital content with a special focus on building capabilities.

VINCI empowers children by constantly optimizing its content through in-house research studies and in collaboration with universities as well as other scientific institutions.

Cutting Edge Technology

VINCI Learning Systems integrate the latest mobile technology, powered by Android, 3D animation and capacitive touchscreen to engage children in a fun learning experience.

Early Childhood Education – An Integrated Early Learning Solution

VINCI Curriculum saves parents time on searching and qualifying apps by providing a complete all-in-one learning system for the intellectual development of toddlers and preschoolers. The three levels of VINCI Curriculum, including The CuriousThe Confident, and The Capable, are especially tailored to accommodate the different aspects of a child’s developing mind by helping her/him build Thinking Skills; Social & Emotional Understanding; Language & Literacy Abilities; Maths & Logical Reasoning; Science; and General Knowledge.

Why Is It Called VINCI?

VINCI was named in honor of Leonardo da Vinci, a scholar, an inventor and innovator, who embodied the type of renaissance thinking we all wish to inspire in our children. Da Vinci’s philosophy equally weighs arts, science, creativity and hard work. Like Da Vinci, we inspire children to make their own breakthroughs.

All I know is that my kids had a blast playing with the tablets! I’m sure yours will too!

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