CEO of Yankee Candle on Undercover Boss!

30 Mar

CEO of Yankee Candle, America’s premium candle company, will journey through the inner workings of his company on the hit reality series “Undercover Boss.”

Harlan Kent, CEO of Yankee Candle, will appear on an episode of the CBS series, Undercover Boss, TONIGHT at 8pm! (Friday, March 30). One of our very own Massachusetts companies will be featured on the hit show!

Since joining the company in 2001, Kent saw firsthand how much employees cared for the Yankee Candle product. Now, 11 years later, the CEO wanted to ensure that everything was stilling running as smoothly as it did.

While undercover, Kent worked in a variety of positions, including the company’s flagship store in South Deerfield, MA, and other locations across the country.

“I learned that we have incredibly passionate employees that care deeply about what they do,” Kent said. “They are the very heart of who we are and why folks love Yankee Candle. I’ve always had such respect and appreciation for our employees, and it’s been important to me they feel they are treated well by our organization (and) that we are looking out for them.”

Just in time for the show, Yankee Candle is having a great sale: Buy 1 candle, get the 2nd for 50% off! Offer expires on 4/4/12.

And there’s a LOT more! Check out the link HERE for the awesome specials!  There are just way too many for me to mention on the blog!

About The Yankee Candle Company

The Yankee Candle Company, Inc. is the leading designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of premium scented candles, based on sales, in the giftware industry. Yankee Candle Company was started in 1975 in South Hadley, Massachusetts when Michael Kittredge, originally from Holyoke, Massachusetts created his first scented candle from melted crayons, as a gift for his mother.Neighbors began expressing interest in buying his creations, and Kittredge began producing them in larger quantities. The company itself was founded with help from Donald MacIver and Susan Obremski, who were high school friends with Kittredge.  MacIver helped fund the start-up business with earnings from his part-time job. Candle production grew considerably after Obremski’s father devised a “heated room”, which enabled cost-saving liquid wax deliveries at the first factory site in Holyoke.  Obremski’s invention of a turntable taper wheel allowed production to double, while at the same time decreasing the need for more labor hours.In 1975, she managed the first Yankee Candle Shop located where the Village Commons, South Hadley now stands.

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