Guru Snapshot: Express!

25 Feb

I had to stop into Express to see all of the new arrivals! 

Lucky for you, I took some pictures to share, so you can see if anything catches your eye!

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What do you think? I personally love some of those one shoulder shirts. Renew your love affair with one-sleeved tops because this ultra-soft and sexy rouched look is the end-all be-all these days and for the foreseeable future. Pair with a statement necklace or earrings for a look that’s fit for a party. One Sleeved Rouched Top is just $39.90!

What do you think of the mesh stitched sweaters? Hmmm, kinda 80’s with a new and updated twist!  I think it can be a sexy look with a tank underneath, plus, it is something different to add to your wardrobe – if you are ready for it though! They have a few different styles available, but they are all around $59.90. Like I have said, sometimes to get out of your fashion comfort zone, you need to be daring. If you decide on an outfit or look, GO FOR IT! Be confident in your choice and “own it”!

Again, plenty of colorful denim options for you to choose from! And right now, buy one, get one 1/2 off! They are $79.90 right now… 

Like I keep saying, sport denim in bold hues this season! With a fit that sits low on your hips and a fabric that hugs your shape down to the ankles, the slim fit of Zelda is their sexiest jean.

You could do some serious color blocking with a pair of these jeans and the one-sleeve top I mentioned!

So go ahead- try brightening up your look with some of their vibrantly colored options!

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